Pension advice

Our IFAs offer independent pension advice (including final salary / defined benefit pension transfer advice) from our offices in Edinburgh and Yorkshire to clients across the UK.

Pensions are, thanks to the generous tax relief available, a wonderful way to save for retirement. With more than 25 years of pensions industry experience we will advise you on how much to save, how to invest your pension, and how to take an income from them in the most tax efficient way possible.

Would you like to take advantage of the new April 2015 pension freedoms, but want advice on how best to withdraw money while avoiding paying too much tax? Are you worried that your pensions are not performing as well as they should do, or that you are paying too much in fees? Are you a member of a final salary (“defined benefit”) workplace pension scheme, and are you being asked to choose whether to sacrifice some of your pension income for a tax free lump sum, or possibly even transfer out of the scheme? Or are you simply concerned that you may not be saving enough for a comfortable retirement, and want a complete review of your pension situation? We offer independent pension advice on all these issues, as well as on the lifetime allowance, income drawdown, tax free lump sums, annuities and so on.

We offer comprehensive personal pension advice, including a free initial assesment of your situation. We are based in Edinburgh and Yorkshire, but we help clients across the whole of the UK with their pension planning. We have considerable experience in both employer and personal pensions, including:

  • Employer pensions (defined benefit and defined contribution)
  • Additional voluntary contributions
  • Section 32 buyout bonds
  • Contracted-out pensions
  • Stakeholder pensions
  • Personal pension advice
  • Self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs)
  • State pension advice
  • Old and lost pensions

Thanks to changes announced in the 2014 Budget, you now have far more freedom to choose what to do with your pension fund. You no longer need to buy an annuity (a guaranteed income for life) at any time. Instead, you can choose to take an income from your fund as and when you need it. This is called “income drawdown”.

With this increased choice comes increased risk, however. Leaving your money invested during retirement, so that you can take an income when you wish, requires careful management to ensure your pension pot does not run out. In addition, taking too much of your pension out at once can expose you to punitively high rates of income tax.

We can provide pension advice on all of the varied ways that you can make the most of your pension fund:

  • Tax free lump sums
  • DB pension transfers
  • Lifetime annuities (standard and enhanced)
  • Fixed term annuities
  • Income drawdown
  • The April 2015 pension freedoms
  • Phased retirement (combinations of the above)
  • Choosing what defined benefit pension income to take
  • Taking your pension early due to ill health
  • Pension splitting in divorce

Getting professional independent pension advice is never more important than when you are making your retirement income choices. Your pension provider may offer you a certain income, but we can almost always beat this by shopping around, and have boosted our clients’ retirement income by more than 100% in some cases.

You can also find us on, the government website for finding registered and qualified independent financial advisers (IFAs).

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