Advice on trusts, guardianships and care fee planning

In order to ensure that our existing clients receive the best possible service we are currently not taking on any new trust, pension, investment or wealth management clients. We apologise for not being able to assist at this time.

As IFAs based in Boston Spa, Wetherby, Yorkshire we can help you carry out your duties as a trustee or guardian. For professional independent financial advice on managing the affairs of vulnerable adults and children please get in touch.

Wendy Cochran is one of the few IFAs in the UK with in-depth experience in providing advice to and on behalf of vulnerable adults.

We can deal directly with vulnerable clients who have capacity or, where an adult lacks capacity, we will work closely with their guardians and trustees. We will ensure that the assets of the vulnerable adult are protected, and their affairs managed in a sensible and sensitive manner.

We will work closely with your solicitor, or will recommend a specialist local solicitor if necessary who can prepare a power of attorney and guardianship application. As IFAs we are able to prepare the management plan, inventory and financial report that is needed to support a financial guardianship application to the Office of the Public Guardian.

We will also assist you in exercising a power of attorney over the financial assets of the vulnerable adult under your care, and will help you to shelter the assets of your loved-ones from care home fees, where possible, while staying within the government’s CRAG guidelines.

Where assets are held in trust we will recommend a suitable investment strategy and provide ongoing portfolio management where required.

We offer a completely free initial review of your situation, so if you have any questions about this area of our work please do get in touch.

Independent financial advice on trusts, guardianships and care, Edinburgh, Fife, UK

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